Banana Bread…

So, it is almost mid-January,  the temperatures are hitting new lows –  it was – 22 when I woke up this morning- and I am still hunting for my first PR gig. But despite the weather and lack of a job, there is one thing that always brightens my day – banana bread!

It is my favorite thing to bake. The receipt I use I think I got from my mom, where she had it scribbles on a piece of paper in a cookbook, but I cannot acuratly remember if that is this reciept or not. This receipt is not very figure friendly, which may explain why I have never come across a similar version, but it is better then any banana bread I have purchased (Seriously, I love Starbucks but its banana bread is just plan gross!)

This receipt is one of those things you can really customize to meet your needs. For example, I love mine with chocolate chips and walnuts. But the reciept is equally as delisious plain. Or you could even sprinkle a few chocolate chip on top, if you don’t want to comitte to making a whole chocolate chip banana bread. For extra presentation point you could even melt some chocolate chips and drizzle the chocolate on top!

Here is the recepit:

– 1 cup mashed bananas (this is about 2 or 3 bananas)

-1 cup mayo (any kind will do I usually use merical whip, but you could even use a vegan mayo if you choose)

– 3/4 cup of sugar

– 2 cups flour

– 2 tsp baking soda

– 1/2 tsp salt

Beat bananas, and then beat in sugar and mayo. Add remaining ingrediants and bake at 350 f. Back about 1 hour for a loaf and 20 munutes for muffins.

It’s simple. It’s delious. It’s the prefect way to use up those old banana.

Happy baking!


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Recent PR grad looking for first gig….

Recent I completed an internship and submitted my final paper to complete my post-grad certificate in public relations. So, now what? I begin to look for my first gig.I am still looking for something in PR/communications, but I am keeping my options open. But this is not what is post is about. It’s about all the other stuff that goes along with being, dare I say it?  Unemployed.

Not having to get up and go to work everyday was my dream when I was in school, when I was working my dead-end retail job and when I was working seven days a week at my internship and my dead-end retail job. But now that its all over  and I have quite my dead-end retail job (wanted to go home for Christmas for two weeks and the only way I could get time off was to quit), the reality is not quite living up to expectations.

I am a person who likes, no LOVES to be busy.  Not having a billion and one things  to do drive me crazy! Yes, I am updating my portfolio and searching for jobs, but I feel like this is not enough! I have started trying out new receipts and knitting again. So, yes, there is a bright side to my boredom.  I have started doing the things I love again! I bake, I cook, I knit! I am starting to look at all the amazing design potential for my apartment!

So, if you too are finding yourself with extra time, or just staying in on a Saturday night because, well, its Canada and its damn cold outside, then try to look on the bright side. Find out whats been missing in your life. If you still up come empty then knit the purl beret – its super cute, fun and will help keep you warm on those cold Canadian night when you do venture outside. Get the pattern:

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Yes, I commited facebook suicide and then came back from the dead….

Over the past few weeks or so I’ve been reading The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen. I bet most of you have heard of it in blog-o-land, and I bet most of you disagree with his argument. Why wouldn’t you? Although, Keen isn’t against social media or technology it can come across that way. In fact, that is why I loved the book so much when I started reading it. 

For the past year or two I have really questioned the use of social networking and social media in my life. I sometimes fail to see the benefit. For example, I think Now Public is a great idea (one that completely blew my mind when I discovered it), however I want my news to come from an established paper that for some reason I feel is more “credible”.  Maybe I am a little elitist in my thinking, so be it. I also think The Globe and the CBC are better sources then The Metro,even though EVERYONE reads The Metro.

Since I was questioning the benefit of web 2.0, I was really buying into Keen’s argument. Then I found a gross bug in my apartment. Since I had just moved in and feared that the past tenates moved out because of a bug/mouse/rat/something equally as disgusting problem, I freaked out! I was jumping and screaming on my couch as my friend (who doesn’t live with me) killed the bug. I was convinced my house was infested. The first thing I did was run to computer and look up the bug on Wikipedia. Of course I was too discussed to read the description myself. Needless to say when my friend read it outloud tome, I immediately called my landlord and demand he get someone to professionally spray my apartment.  I don’t know how reliable the Wikipedia article was, but I bought it hook, line and sinker.

My apartment has not yet been sprayed nor have I seen anymore disgusting bugs. The moral of my story is that no matter how much I might disagree with web, 2.0 I embrace it everyday. I IM, facebook or email my friends on a daily bases. I read at least one blog a week and listen to at least one podcast. I love how small the world seems when I can connect with my friend all over the globe.  But most importantly when I have a question or what to know an answer I google or wikipeidia it.

I think the best thing Keen’s book points how reliant we are on social media. I think in many cases, maybe it is all for the better.

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High Fidelity

The mix tape – the timeless sign that he, or she, might dig you, just a little. The mix tape seems to be a dieing concept, one that only exists in 1989 or in the classic John Cusack film, High Fidelity.

The dieing art still exists, even in today’s high tech world, but in a new form – the burnt CD. I have several burnt CD’s from past and current love interests. These CD’s, in some respects, are a message about whatever stage in the relationship we were at. This may seem like a cheesy or lame concept, and well it is.

But I love burnt CD’s. I love discovering the new music, artist and songs that each CD contains. I love the surprises it brings years after the fact.

The closest thing to a mix tape revival was The Hour’s “Operation Disc Drop”. For those of you who don’t know what this is check it out < > and participate. Revive the mix tape!

Mixing a CD should not be taken lightly. It is a serious process that requires thought. It is an art. In High Fidelity, Cusack’s character Rob Gordon gives the step-by-step guide to making the perfect mix tape. Tip one – start with an attention grabber.

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Going for the Gold: Are Canadian Althletes Media Trained?

In my media relations class one of the first things that I learnt was you should always media train your CEO/spokesperson/ anyone who will ever be interviewed or appear on television. This of course is a good idea, particularly in light of the recent outburst from Toronto City Councillor, Maria Augimeri.

As I watch the continuous coverage of the Olympics Games, I am amazed by the composure of Canadian ahletes. I am often left wondering if the vast major are horded into a room and given a crash course on “Dealing with the Media after Defeat”.

When an athlete loses a race, or fails to qualify for their event, the journalists are the first on the scene to interview them, on national television, about how they feel to have let their country down, or what their new goal is after their failed attempt at the gold medal.(I don’t think journalist are wrong to this this since it is breaking news and they are asking the questions everyone at home is wondering).  The athlete’s reaction is remarkable. For the most part they are calm, composed and demonstrate the highest level of sportsmen like conduct.  

Of course, I doubt Canadian athletes are media trained, however I think some political figures, CEOs and other big-wigs in this country could learn a thing or two about dealing with the media from watching Canadian athletes.

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The Great Experiment

For the past year I have debated about starting a blog. I would flip flop back and forth about if I should start a blog, what the blog would be about and everything in between. About two months ago I decided to give it a try, but, in usually fashion, I procrastinated.

Yesterday I finally finished my eight-month public relations postgraduate program at Humber and I figured this would be the perfect time to start my own blog.

 This is my great experiment into the blogger realm. I hope people will stumble upon and like what they read.



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